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Terveystalo clinic qualifies to electronic prescription in 7 minutes

Atostek provides electronic prescription to 30 clinics of the leading private Finnish healthcare company Terveystalo.

— The formal compatibility test required by the Finnish authority Kela was passed in just seven minutes by the fastest clinic, which is a great achievement of the clinic’s dentist and Atostek, says Ms. Marita Touru, the IT architect responsible for IT security at Terveystalo.

— We still have clinics with a patient information system of their own. In the future, all clinics will have the same system. That’s why it didn’t make sense to integrate all these systems directly to Kela’s prescription centre. We needed something else to cover the transition period.

— At the end of 2016, we searched for solutions and Atostek’s offer was the clear winner in terms of functionality, stability, ease of use, and support in deployment and production phases. Of course, the price was one of the main criteria, says Ms. Touru.

— Deployments have gone well and there are only few of them left. Our doctors use now Atostek’s browser-based electronic prescription service.

— Atostek has exceeded all our expectations according to the deployment and the service. It is easy to add new users and clinics, and it’s easy to learn how to use the service. The functionality is great, praises Ms. Touru.

— In addition to using the browser-based stand-alone service, we have integrated Atostek’s solution to the patient information system at some clinics, says Ms. Touru.

— Our unique solution can easily be integrated with a patient information system or used as a stand-alone system, confirms Ms. Marjaana Karttunen at Atostek.

— There are lots of different patient information systems utilising Atostek’s solution to connect to the Kela’s services, such as the central archive of patient information history and the electronic prescription repository, says Ms. Karttunen.

Terveystalo is the largest Finnish healthcare company with 170 offices and 17 hospitals at 170 cities, and 10% share of all medical doctor consultations.

Additional information:

Ms. Marjaana Karttunen, Atostek, tel. +358 45 113 0300
Ms. Marita Touru, Terveystalo

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