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UNA Ydin Pilot off to a good start

The UNA Ydin (Core) integration and data management solution, delivered by Atostek and Digia, has been implemented as a pilot in the Hospital District of Northern Savo and Päijät-Sote (Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing). A Tilannekuva (Dashboard) application by Cinia is being piloted simultaneously. The user experience from the pilots has been very good so far.

The UNA Ydin solution enables the utilization of client data nationwide in both the social and health care sectors. The purpose of the solution is to help professionals better serve their clients and modernize the flow of digital information. Built on UNA Ydin, the pilot stage UNA Ydin Tilannekuva makes it possible for professionals to see a client’s data from both social and health care services in one view.

Implementation has started well

The Hospital District of Northern Savo pilot launched earlier in the spring for health care services. For Päijät-Sote, piloting began in late May and the pilot is focusing on the smooth flow of social welfare data from one system to another. In the future, the service will be expanded to other parts of Finland as well.

So far, the user experience from the pilots has been very good. The UNA Ydin Tilannekuva is useful for i.e. client guidance and assessing the health needs of the elderly when the professionals need an overall picture of the client from both social and health care.

An important part of the integration and data management solution is Atostek’s UNA Suostumus (Consent), which enables social and health care professionals to receive a client or patient’s consent for the use of the data. Consent is given to each controller individually.

UNA Ydin makes utilizing data easier

Social and health care professionals have been challenged by the fragmentation of data, since the background information of clients has been split across several systems, and forming an overall picture has been difficult. In addition, client data has had to be collected manually and often systems have been used mainly for archiving data. However, with UNA Ydin, it has become possible to utilize data in a more versatile way. UNA Ydin is also very advanced on a global scale, and it will be possible to build new kinds of solutions on it in the future.

Further information:

Mr. Mika Torhola
Managing Director
+358 50 412 3453

Mr. Ville Fernelius
Vice President, Integration and API Management
+358 40 521 7380

Atostek in brief
Atostek Ltd. is a consulting company providing multidisciplinary software and information system development since 1999. Our main application areas are health care and medical applications, industrial product development, and public sector ICT consulting. In health care and medical applications, we have some own information system products, such as Atostek eRA and PET ERP. Our offices are located in Tampere and Espoo. We currently have around 100 employees.

Digia in brief
Digia is a software and service company that helps its customers renew themselves in the networked world. There are more than 1,300 of us working at Digia. Our roots are in Finland and we operate with our customers in Finland and abroad. We work together to build a world in which digitalisation makes a difference. Digia’s turnover in 2020 was EUR 139,0 million. The company is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki (DIGIA).