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– Data Distribution Service implemented in Rust

Elevate your robotics development with Atostek’s RustDDS. RustDDS is a networking middleware implemented in Rust programming language. Atostek’s RustDDS is now freely available for all robot developers.

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Discover the Power of Rust in Robotics Networking

DDS is an essential part of ROS 2 based robot applications. Unfortunately there were no pure Rust DDS implementations available, so we decided to develop one.

The Rust programming language is designed with application performance and safety in mind. It provides C++ performance but is much less prone to programming errors. This makes Rust ideal for safety and performance critical applications like robotics.

We want to make adopting Rust easier by releasing RustDDS under an open source license.

Tailored for Robotics and ROS 2

DDS is a general communication protocol and can be used in a wide variety of applications besides robotics. Atostek’s RustDDS is developed with robotics and especially ROS 2 in mind, but it does not implement a full DDS specification. It also favors some Rust conventions for example in naming and memory management, so the API has some deviations from DDS. On top of RustDDS, Atostek has also developed the ros2-client library which provides functionality similiar to rclcpp and rclpy packages in ROS 2.

License Freedom with Apache 2.0

RustDDS is published under Apache 2.0 license. The license is permissive and grants rights to use, copy, distribute, modify, sell, sub-license and make derivative products. Basically, you can do anything you want with RustDDS, only thing what is required is to include original copyright text in the licensed files and if you modify the files somehow, mark the modified parts.

Get Started with RustDDS Today

Ready to enhance your robotics projects with RustDDS? Find it on and take the first step towards a more reliable and efficient future in robotics development. Join Atostek in pioneering the next generation of robotic applications with the power of Rust.

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The advantages of programming in the Rust language for reliable and secure systems

The advantages of programming in the Rust language for reliable and secure systems

The Rust programming language has emerged as a new solution, specifically designed to overcome the complexities associated with C and C++ programs. But what makes Rust such an effective solution, and why has it gained such popularity?

Programming with Rust

Programming with Rust

Rust is a young programming language; not brand-new, but not old or rusty by any means. Rust is becoming more and more popular. It is equally liked by enthusiasts, scientists, system developers and game coders.

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