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Atostek will participate in the Automotive CAE Grand Challenge in Germany 18–19 October

Atostek will participate in the Automotive Grand CAE Challenge event taking place in Hanau, Germany, on 18–19 October 2021. The event brings together people from all corners of the automotive industry and from around the world.

The Automotive CAE Grand Challenge event focuses on finding solutions to the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry today. Atostek and the Tampere-based software company Vaisto are involved in organizing a workshop that concentrates on autonomy and auxiliary systems in the context of automotive industry. The presentation concentrates on simulation.

Benefits of autonomous driving

When it comes to simulating autonomous driving, the most important thing is not the vehicle itself, but rather the environment and surrounding traffic. How is it possible to simulate the surrounding world in such a way? And how can we create the vehicle view, also known as sensor data?

Atostek and Vaisto aim to build their simulator, which is still in its design phase, using software alone. With no physical hardware involved, virtualization and software replication is easy. The simulation can be implemented by combining mostly open source software, but also some commercial software.

– This kind of simulation seeks to gain test kilometers for autonomous vehicles at a significantly lower cost than would be possible by building real, physical vehicles and driving them around, summarizes Juhana Helovuo, Business Director at Atostek.

The world is opening up again – Atostek will attend the event live

The CAE Grand Challenge is organized as a hybrid event, which means that participants can choose to either participate remotely or live on-site. Atostek’s part of the workshop will be led by software designer Arttu Ruusiala, who says he is looking forward to the upcoming event.

– I am excited about this opportunity. It is great to get to see what is going on in the industry right now. I hope our presentation will create some good discussion, says Ruusiala.

The Tampere Automotive Cluster, a group consisting of Tampere-based companies, will also be participating in the event.