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Digitaaliset kasvot. Digital face.

Atostek’s digital face mask provides makeup and protection against the coronavirus

Atostek has developed a digital face mask that can provide both virtual facial makeup and protection against coronavirus. The mask is a transparent breathable membrane that covers the entire facial area.

A novel feature of the innovation is the ability of the mask to enhance and change the appearance of the wearer through the liquid crystal layer on the surface of the mask. The liquid crystal layer acts as a screen that automatically adds virtual makeup to the wearer’s face.

“The basic setting of the mask can cover wrinkles, aging spots, and other blemishes. The scale is from a rock star to an elder statesman depending on the amount of makeup color,” says Risto Pitkänen, Atostek’s Head of Marketing and Communications.

In addition to makeup, the automatic mask can completely change the look on your face. The user has a wide range of well-known celebrity faces. Furthermore, several facial expression profiles are supported.

“There’s a poker face for poker players, a smiling face for sellers, an eye-catcher to the party and even Guy Fawkes’ face for the anonymous,” continues Pitkänen.

However, the most important feature of the mask is protection against pathogens and self-testing of the coronavirus.

“The embedded testing equipment is a medical device and a certified physician. Using Atostek’s eRA service, it automatically sends diagnostic test results to the nationwide Kanta service. Thus, the citizen obtains the COVID-19 certificate fully automatically”, says Miika Parvio, Atostek’s Head of eRA Services.

The artificial intelligence of the mask gradually learns to recognize viral pathogens other than the coronavirus.

“There will be other pandemics and viruses in the future. Our fully automatic mask will take care of the necessary paperwork when travelling anywhere in the solar system,” says Parvio.

“We believe that the makeup feature alone is appealing enough for many people to wear this mask and to get the virus protection as a side effect. The virtual makeup does not require harmful dyes or animal testing. The mask efficiently protects user’s face and eyes. Additional faces in the app store pay off only € 49.99, so losing your face is not expensive,” summarises Pitkänen.

The automatic mask will be available on the Atostek’s website from April 1, 2022 for the first 50 subscribers.