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Don’t use Omakanta? No problem – you can still get a coronavirus certificate

Many European countries currently require people entering at border crossings to have a coronavirus certificate. This is a document to indicate that the person has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, and other relevant information. The most common advice for those travelling abroad is to print out this certificate from the Omakanta service to take with them. However, only about half of Finns use the Omakanta service.

Fortunately, coronavirus certificates for travel abroad can now be obtained from a social security professional. This is helpful for many people, such as senior citizens who are unfamiliar with digital services such as Omakanta or minors who do not have the online banking credentials needed to use it.

This is now possible due to the printing and registration service that has recently been introduced in public healthcare organizations. The coronavirus certificate can be printed from the service, and is accepted at European border crossing points in the same way as the coronavirus certificate printed from Omakanta. The certificate provides information on whether and when the person has contracted the coronavirus, their coronavirus test results, and the vaccinations against the virus that they have  received.

According to the director of Atostek’s eRA business Miika Parvio, the software company that provides the service, it contributes to the equal treatment of people. And there is a real demand for the service.

“It’s obvious that a lot of people do not have the opportunity to use the Omakanta service. Healthcare professionals are now printing nearly a thousand coronavirus certificates every day, and the number is growing all the time. So this is clearly needed,” Parvio says.

Rapid launch

The new printing and registration service was built on top of the eRA platform developed by Atostek, which connects healthcare services and social services in Kanta. The printing and registration service was launched in mid-July of 2021, and within a month almost half of the public sector healthcare organizations in Finland had introduced it. This is an unprecedented pace.

The new system is provided to public operators by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). Private operators can also acquire the service by inquiring directly from Atostek.

Atostek is an expert in information systems and software development for a wide range of fields. The most important application areas are healthcare and medical applications, industrial product development, and IT consulting for the public sector. Atostek eRA service makes joining the Kanta services easy and fast.

Additional information:

Miika Parvio
Healthcare software
Atostek eRA
+358 45 113 8881