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Successful archiving: Over 900,000 documents archived in the Kanta-Häme wellbeing region using Atostek and Digital Workforce technologies

The first migration project for electronic archiving in the wellbeing region has been completed. The solution utilized Atostek’s ERA service.

In the migration delivered to the Kanta-Häme wellbeing region, old customer data from social care system was transferred and archived in Kela’s centralized Kanta service, and administrative data was archived in Kanta-Häme’s own archive.

The solution utilized Atostek’s ERA service and the Robocorp platform based on the open-source Robot Framework. The robot extraction was implemented by Digital Workforce, a partner of Atostek.

ERA allowed the data to be converted into an archive-compatible storage format and enriched with necessary metadata. Over the past two decades, archived data has accumulated across multiple systems in Kanta-Häme’s passive databases. This migration process involved six source systems and approximately 900,000 documents, ranging from one page to over 100 pages.

“The archiving process adhered to a strict schedule. We accumulated data until the end of 2022 and closed the passive databases at the beginning of April. Our objective was to find experts and a solution that could extract, prepare, and export the target data to Kela’s Kanta Service and our own archives. The implementation of the archiving was left at the discretion of the supplier,” says Johanna Tulander-Välkki, the project manager for Kanta-Häme.

“RPA proved to be an excellent solution. Now that the old data is securely stored in the Kanta Service archive, we can shut down the passive databases as soon as possible to save on maintenance costs and registrar obligations,” she continues.

By September 1, 2024, all public social care service providers are required by the Client Data Act to join the Social Care Archives.