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The administration of a single vaccine may require input from up to three people – a Finnish company has developed a service to halve the need for vaccination staff: “The current method uses excessive healthcare resources”

Finns have been concerned in the early part of this year, among other things, with the slow rate at which people have been vaccinated. Atostek, a software company originating from Tampere, has developed a solution that makes vaccine distribution and the necessary record entries more fluent.

Currently there may be up to two persons assisting the person actually administering the vaccine, entering the details into Kela’s Kanta database and into the national vaccination register. This means that a single vaccination may need the input of up to three people.

The eRA Rokote (Clinibus VAX) service developed by Atostek enables’ the vaccination event to be performed by one person, using a single user interface to make the necessary vaccination entries into national registers. This allows other healthcare staff to focus on actual patient care.

“The current method uses excessive healthcare human resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. What’s more, once we receive more vaccines, a fluent vaccination event will speed up the overall distribution,” says Atostek’s Business Director Miika Parvio.

According to him, the development work for the eRA Rokote service was set in motion as soon as there was information about coronavirus vaccinations. It was obvious that there was demand for such a service, especially when the rate of vaccinating the population increased and was extended to working-age people.

“Mass vaccinations will put a strain on the healthcare services, and we want to offer a quick and easy solution to make vaccinations run more smoothly,” says Parvio.

Information stored directly into Kanta

Vaccination entries are stored directly through eRA Rokote into Kanta Services so that in future the information can be used, for example, for automatic creation of a national vaccination certificate. The information is stored simultaneously into the national vaccination register maintained by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is currently planning an electronic user interface to enable people to print out their own vaccination certificate from the Kanta Services.

Additional information:

Miika Parvio
Healthcare software
Atostek eRA
+358 45 113 8881