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Atostek’s eRA service ensures that the customer’s data is saved correctly in the Kanta Services

According to a decision by the Finnish Deputy Chancellor of Justice, information system providers must comply with up-to-date national requirements set by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). Social welfare and health care organizations are obliged to acquire information systems that enable the correct saving of customer data in the Kanta Services.

Even though the operators in the social welfare and health care sector are obliged to ensure that the data is saved correctly in the Kanta Services, the information service provider can have a significant impact on the matter. Atostek’s eRA service helps ensure that the customer’s data is saved correctly in the Kanta Services.

“Using the eRA service has been made as easy as possible. eRA meets the set requirements, and the interfaces are built to support recording in the Kanta Services. Moreover, eRA also ensures the accuracy of the data for the integrated systems,” says Marjaana Karttunen, who is in charge of the product management of the eRA service at Atostek.

The eRA service offers Finland’s widest range of co-tested Kanta features that can be used directly via the eRA interface. Other information systems can also utilize these features via an integration interface.

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Marjaana Karttunen
Atostek eRA


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